Kayla and Dustin Family Photos

Kayla was a PA in my NICU where I work, and she and her family were getting ready to embark on a new adventure to move to a new location.  Before they left, they wanted some memories of DC and so we chose an early sunrise session on the National Mall, focusing on the Lincoln Memorial and reflecting pool with the Washington Monument in the background. Their little boy was a little hesitant of me at first and before long he was giving me smiles and allowing me to chase him all over the Lincoln Memorial.


I’m a mama to five (two boys, a girl, and fraternal twin girls). I can’t even put into words the depth of my love for my family, but they are the light in my soul. Our life is hectic and chaotic but it’s in these messy, tiresome days, that I fall in love with my family more and more each day. I’m not a morning person, and never have been; but being a night owl helped me settle into my role as a nightshift NICU nurse, where I spend 3 shifts a week taking care of sweet babies. I began my odyssey into photography as a way to capture my own family and children and preserve the memories of them; little did I know it would turn into my passion and a career. 

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