As my first blog entry, I figured I should talk about how I got started in this business. When I
was working on my first bachelor’s degree, I realized the path I was on, wasn’t sparking the fire
in me. I switched my focus and started integrating more fine arts, which included a
photography class. This was not a digital photography class, it was film. We took our photos
and then were brought into the dark room to do our own developing. It was a tedious process
but helped me develop a deeper appreciation for this craft. Fast forward in time, and like a lot
of young mothers I got a point-and-shoot camera to document my children. I had fun with this
and took probably way too many photos, I mean, who doesn’t? I continued taking photos of my
children, little trips, pretty flowers, etc. It wasn’t until years later that my husband and I were
expecting twins and I knew I wanted a “nice camera. “As a gift before the birth of our youngest
daughters, my husband gave me my first Canon DSLR camera, it was a crop-frame, but it was
beautiful and I used the camera as far as it would take me, everything from portraits to
landscapes. However, a few years ago when I was asked to take my first engagement session, I
knew that I wanted to invest in a full-frame DSLR, and I fell in love with it! I still am using my
Canon 5d Mark IV and it’s wonderful. My hope will be to save and invest in the new mirrorless
technology. I hear that the eye tracking is superb, and this will serve me well with fast moving
subjects such the young children I photograph. I have continued my photography journey of
documenting my kids, expanding my creative ideas in editing, all while driving my kids crazy
asking for “one more photo.” I hope to expand my clientele and take on more sessions. A lot of
faces you will see in my portfolio and blog happen to be the people I work with in the NICU.
Many of us are connected on social media and they have seen my work easily, again mostly of
me documenting my own family. But I love that these wonderful people I work with have
chosen me to document their own memories. My idea for this blog portion of my website will
be to talk about sessions, the families, and couples I meet, and everything in between. If you
have gotten this far, thanks for reading!


I’m a mama to five (two boys, a girl, and fraternal twin girls). I can’t even put into words the depth of my love for my family, but they are the light in my soul. Our life is hectic and chaotic but it’s in these messy, tiresome days, that I fall in love with my family more and more each day. I’m not a morning person, and never have been; but being a night owl helped me settle into my role as a nightshift NICU nurse, where I spend 3 shifts a week taking care of sweet babies. I began my odyssey into photography as a way to capture my own family and children and preserve the memories of them; little did I know it would turn into my passion and a career. 

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